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Intermittent problems accessing AOL email account

  stlucia2 07:20 23 Nov 2018

At home I use Thunderbird to manage and access my email accounts on my windows 10 PC, a couple of which are with AOL. No errors are shown when I open Thunderbird and receive email, but more often than not I get an error message saying the sending account name or password is wrong when I try to send a message (either written from scratch, or replying to one just received) from my AOL account.

When away from home I use the default email program on my Apple iPad, and often get the same message when trying to send from my AOL account.

In both cases retrying later the message will go, but it might take several attemps or, sometimes, a reboot of my PC or iPad. Is this a common AOL issue, and is there a work-around? I haven't gone into the setup screen to re-enter the account name or password because (a) it works later, so that can't be the problem and (b) I risk screwing things up by mistakenly inputting the wrong password.

  stlucia2 06:09 24 Nov 2018

Thanks for the replies guys. Seems like it's just one of those little annoyances we have to learn to live with.

I've been with AOL ever since I was using a dial-up connection and, as you say rdave13, it seems to be getting a little less reliable of late. I have a Google and Outlook address too, but AOL is my main one and is the one that banks and credit cards etc. use if I forget my passwords. I don't seem to have a problem receiving emails though, so I think I'll stick with the status quo at the moment.

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