Intermittent Problem Connecting to internet

  DAKAR 20:32 21 Feb 2010

Hi everyone
I need help sorting out a problem with my pc.I have 2 pc and a laptop on a home network one of the pc is running XP and the lap top and second pc are running Vista,some time ago the computers started dropping connection to the internet,I contacted tiscali who said it was the telephone extension cable that was the problem I connected the router directly in the phone socket and bought a network adapter for the computer that was connected to the router and now the system is wireless I still have a problem with the pc running vista it drops out intermittentlt when the phone is used It intermittently drops out for no reason, and when trying to connect to the internet I see the Cannot connect message flash up twice in quick succession and then it will display the Google front page
Both the other computers work ok
Any help would be appreciated

  woodchip 20:40 21 Feb 2010

Check to see if you have call waiting if so cancel or disable it though i think it is that PC settings or hardware that is the problem

  northumbria61 21:01 21 Feb 2010

You may have "Interference" on your telephone line as the problem appears when you are using your phone. Have you checked your FILTERS ? You need one on EVERY socket that a phone is connected to.

  DAKAR 19:05 22 Feb 2010

Hi woodchip and northumbria61
I do not have call waiting and I tend to agree that it may be hardware or settings problem can it be anything to do with a windows update?
I have only one phone and that has a filter fitted this has not been a problem in the past

  northumbria61 22:47 22 Feb 2010

I very much doubt a windows update would cause this.
Intermittent faults are difficult to get a solution for. Tiscali were right to say it could be your extension cable as I have knowledge of that with a friend. However you no longer use it. The "drop outs" were cured by connecting his Router directly to his phone socket using an ADSL cable.

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