Intermittent power supply

  penhit 21:08 18 Aug 2011

A friend is complaining that a relaively new Fujitsu Siemens laptop has intermittent supply problems. Can't get it to boot uo unless firmly pressing on switch - even then it drops power. We live in a verty rural area (shortage of local shops and serices etc)! Any suggestions for a systematic and straight forward approach to trouble- shooting would be welcome. Thanks in advance

  birdface 21:14 18 Aug 2011

It all depends how new ,If less than 1 year it will be covered by warranty.

And depending who he bought it from they may collect it from your friends house to be repaired.

  birdface 21:19 18 Aug 2011

Or maybe try removing the battery and the mains power cord and holding the start button in for 30 seconds.

Then install them again and see if it makes any difference.

I am sure someone will be on shortly that can give you the proper advice that you need.

  penhit 21:23 18 Aug 2011

Unfortunately it was bought abroad, so ecven if it is less tahn a year old (which is just possible) that route is notr going to be straight forward...

  onthelimit1 22:14 18 Aug 2011

Shouldn't matter where bought, still under warranty if less than a year?

  birdface 08:57 19 Aug 2011

Could just be a bad switch connection.

I have the exact same problem on my desktop and if I don't press the start button firmly enough it grinds to a start.Hard drive usually clicks away but it is start and stop when it is not going well and impossible to use.

I have to wait till it finally boots up then switch it off then back on again for it to work Ok.

I have always thought that it was a faulty switch but I suppose it could be the power supply.

The power supply itself is so quiet the only way you know that it is running is the sound of the clicks coming from the hard drive.

As this only happens about once twice a week I have put up with it as it is or was a German company[ Medion] and I hear that they have to send the computer back to Germany for repair which takes ages.

I have had a look inside my computer but it looks a bit complicated compared with my old computer so left things as they were.

Maybe make sure the Hard drive is connected properly is about all I know about laptops.

  finerty 18:06 25 Aug 2011

have a look at your power options on the laptop itself or the pdf handbook thats normally in the driver cd. and do your detective work from there, if no joy contact the computer manufacturer or the seller.

Have a look the fan does it need a good clean-out of dust, you be surprissed how much dust accumulates over months.

  finerty 18:08 25 Aug 2011

b4 you open the laptop to give a good clean make sure you have anti static bracelet and ground yourself. Aso have a lok at the power supply is plugged in properly, is it compatible with the UK eletrics.

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