Intermittent Internet problems

  grapefruit76 19:41 08 Aug 2008

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read my story

We have a Netgear Rangemax Wireless Modem Router DG834PN. We use Norton Internet Security 2008. We are with PlusNet as the broadband provider. We are running Windows XP home edition with service pack 2. The pc is connected to the router via the Ethernet port.

We had no real problems until 18th July when the ADSL ‘chain’ link on the router (as was my understanding the broadband supply) went off permanently. I rang PlusNet and the Tech support guy was very helpful; unbelievably, Orange had stolen our broadband line back (this was confirmed by adviser with BT wholesale). I rang Orange who apologised, and said they don’t know how, but, yes indeed, they had temporarily taken the line back (even though as I say, we weren’t actually getting any ADSL supply to the router). They said all records of us would be out of their system by midnight that night and so we shouldn’t have any further problems. I then argued and managed to get a MAC code from them. So I rang back PlusNet and they started the migration process (even though we were with PlusNet, but this had to be done as for some inexplicable reason-I established it was NOT financial-i.e., due to unpaid bills with Orange, just a fault on their part).

The Broadband started again on 25th July. However, since then, there have been enormous problems. Basically, the ADSL ‘Chain’ link keeps going off, or if it’s on the internet would be ridiculously slow or ‘cannot connect to server’. It would then be fine and then repeat the process. This has gotten worse and worse. We tried several things-making sure the connection was no more than 10m from the main BT input to the house, re-setting the router (and trying a Friend’s router that is the exact same model), changing the filter box, turning off the firewall, intrusion prevention, spyware etc etc on the Norton Anti-virus. Nothing helps. You can get it to work again for a bit by switching the router on or off again, then after maybe 2 mins, the ADSL chain link eventually comes back on. Then the slowness, unable to connect, ADSL chain link disappearing happens again. Switching the computer on and off did sometimes help, but not now.

The ADSL ‘chain’ link was permanently off, more or less, since then. However, by switching the router off now and back on again (he said it was OK to do this quickly before tests started again), the ADSL link is back on . This seems to happen most if not everytime: if I switch the router off then on, the ADSL link takes approx 2 mins to come back on, but when it does, the internet seems to be fine for a bit, before it all happens again.

Even PlusNet agree that it seems too much of a coincidence for there not to have been any problems prior to the line been taken away by Orange, then loads of problems since re-connecting with PlusNet. PlusNet have also said it isn’t a problem our end. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story! Apologies for how long it is; I am a newbie and not that technical (as you will no doubt tell :o)). Any help at all is appreciated. Thank you again for reading/listening.

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