Intermittent Internet Issue - Help please!!

  Dirk Diggler 17:01 29 Aug 2009

Okay this is actually confusing the heck outta me now.

When I am on the net, after a while I get the "Cannot display this page" so have been presuming that my internet connection was dropping out. A PC restart sorted the issue.

However, this afternoon after about 30 mins of no problems I again cannot access any web pages despite trying 3 different browsers...... however (and heres the bit that is confusing) all the time that I could not access any web pages, the live stream that I was watching continued to play fine - so obviously the connection IS actually still there!!

I have posted the error messages I get from the different browsers below so if anyone has ANY suggestions I really would be grateful


GOOGLE CHROME - "This web page is not available - Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown Error

FIREFOX - Failed to connect - The connection was refused when attempting to contact click here

IE - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage - When I select "Diagnose Connection Problems" it opens a Windows Network Diagnostics which then comes up with - "click here" is not set up to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web service (HTTP)" with this computer

Firewall is Zone Alarm (up to date) and all browsers have Internet Access in the "Trusted Zone"

  Dirk Diggler 17:03 29 Aug 2009

Sorry didnt realise that if I typed the www addresses that were appearing in the error messages the forum would change it to "click here"

  LimestoneRock 18:10 29 Aug 2009

Assuming you are on broadband, try unplugging router/modem for half a minute and then replug and try again.

  Dirk Diggler 18:29 29 Aug 2009

Thanks - tried that and no joy - as I say the connection is still on because I could was watching a skysports live stream throughout - hence the puzzled brain lol

  feb 18:40 29 Aug 2009

Rather than restarting the PC try reloading the page!

  woodchip 19:08 29 Aug 2009

all the time that I could not access any web pages, the live stream that I was watching continued to play fine,

to me that says it all, its taking up all your bandwidth

  Dirk Diggler 23:39 29 Aug 2009

This has been happening when I have just been browsing - it is only today when I was watching the stream at the same time that made me realise the connection must still be there whereas before I just presumed if had dropped so I don't think bandwidth is an issue

<Still confused> :-{

  woodchip 14:52 30 Aug 2009

If you are Wireless try changing Channel in router Setup Page

  Dirk Diggler 17:12 30 Aug 2009

The error happens even if connected directly to cable modem

  susiepops 18:24 28 Sep 2009

You seem to be suffering from the same problem as me and I too have not found the answer. I am using an Orange Livebox with IE, Firefox and Google Chrome all of which act in the same way. I notice that firefox effectively freezes and will not shut down even using Task Manager and when restarting it takes a long time to shot down with my having to resort to a forced shutdown at times. My connection to the PC is via Lan not wireless. You do not mention it but in my case although the browers cannot open websites I can still download mail.

If you or anyone now has an answer help will be appreciated.

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