Intermittent hardware problem

  dth 09:34 18 May 2006

I am having the worst type of problem with my P/C/ - an ntermittent fault that just freezes the computer. This seesms to be random and occurs on average once every two days. The P/C just freezes and needs to be switched off at the mains and re-started. It sometimes happends when I am running several programs at once and sometimes when just the one program.

My P/C has a AMD64 3400 / 1 gb of ram / Gigabyte motherboard.

So far I have:-

1) confirmed that it isn't a windows software/driver fault - as it happens with both Win XP and Suse 10.0 (I run a dual-boot system)

2) I have changed the RAM

3) replaced the motherboard

3) double checked motherboad connections

Any suggestions most welcome - as it is driving me batty.

Many thanks.

  DieSse 09:37 18 May 2006

Check the temperatures.

What capacity PSU have you got?

Check the updatedness of drivers for motherboard and graphics cards

Set the BIOS to failsafe defaults.

  Gongoozler 09:38 18 May 2006


  DieSse 09:38 18 May 2006

Sorry abt the driver bit - I just reread and noticed the Suse thingy.

  dth 10:41 18 May 2006

Thanks for that - I will check the running temperatures I hadn't thought of that.

My power unit is a 500 watt one and reasonably new (about 6 months old) but I will look to replace it.

  Totally-braindead 11:42 18 May 2006

Before replacing the PSU you could try just running it with minimum hardware and see what it does ie no optical drives, only one hard drive and no add on bits.

  Gongoozler 11:46 18 May 2006

500W should be enough for almost anything except perhaps dual graphics cards. If you don't have a good temperature monitor, try MBM5 click here

  dth 12:32 18 May 2006

cheers for the posting - I will give them a go.

  dth 13:20 19 May 2006

Many thanks for everyone's help. It was the psu causing the problems. I took it out and it was really dusty. Gave it a clean, put it back and everything is working fine.

Really appreciated the help - as it was driving me batty and I was near to throwing my p/c in the bin and buying a new one.

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