intermittent freezing problem

  palinka 19:54 17 Feb 2009

Intermittent problem – in the middle of doing something the screen /mouse freezes. I can move the house pointer to (for example) the cross to close the window but when clicked it does nothing. Doesn’t do anything anywhere else on the screen either.
Problem doesn’t seem to follow any pattern and isn’t associated with any particular activity, though on one occasion I maybe tried to do 2 things in quick succession (too quick?).
The only solution is a Restart, which is a nuisance as I lose whatever I was working on, unless of course it just happened to have been saved already.
OS is Vista home premium, installed on a new machine bought over a year ago and has never given any problems; until this started maybe a month ago.
MOuse is optical, corded.
I’ve done a defrag, but had a freeze again the next day.
Haven’t had this sort of problem since the days of RISCOS on an Acorn!
Any suggestions, please?

  Technotiger 20:04 17 Feb 2009

Have you tried a different mouse?

  palinka 18:38 18 Feb 2009

Yes, but has no effect; and can take ages to check the effect because this problem occurs now and again for no particular reason.
Hasn't occured today, for instance.

  Pamy 18:44 18 Feb 2009

have a look in the events viewer for any clues

  Technotiger 18:55 18 Feb 2009

Are you sure that the problem is the mouse? Have you looked elsewhere, like possible overheating, have you checked the condition of fans and grills, like are they clean and free from dust/fluff?

Have you checked the fitting of all PCI cards, RAM and internal and external cable connections etc.

  palinka 09:53 19 Feb 2009

thanks, Technotiger; the confusion(?) is probably my fault. No I'm not sure the fault is the mouse; in fact I'm sure it is NOT the mouse and I mentioned it in my original mailing because I thought someone would reply asking about the mouse!
I'll take a look inside for fluff, PCI cards,etc.
Where do I find the events viewer, Pamy?

  mike40 10:02 19 Feb 2009

I started getting s similar problem a couple of days ago after Microsoft updates had been installed. I have the Logitech laser 100 mouse.
Like you I was unsure of the cause but after trying several things I re loaded the drivers for it and so far it has not happened again. Perhaps you could try similar.

  palinka 10:12 19 Feb 2009

thanks mike40, I'll keep that in mind too.

  Spark6 10:14 19 Feb 2009

Event viewer: Control panel > administrative tools > computer management.

  birdface 10:16 19 Feb 2009

I seem to have the same sort of problem.Screen freezes.I put it down to using IE8 I am sure the problem started about the same time.I have removed IE8 but still have the same problem occasionally.

  palinka 10:27 19 Feb 2009

buteman, I use IE8, seems I installed it at beginning of Feb; there may be a connection there! (tho my memory suggests the fault is a little older than that)

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