intermittent freeview signal

  Annew 10:43 30 Oct 2009

Until the retune my humax pvr recieved all the channels, although somewhat blocky at times. After retune the signal is brilliant most of the time. Most days, sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon, I get 'no or bad signal' but only on the itv channels. This lasts for about four hours and then the signal is brilliant again. I cannot understand it!! Do I need a new aerial?

  xania 10:57 30 Oct 2009

I have a new flat screen with in-built Freeview.
No signal at all in Edgware last night about 2330 - 0030. This morning all fine. Analogue picture perfect so not the aerial. I suspect they may be having some teething problems.

  ordep 11:06 30 Oct 2009

I had similar problem with my Humax.
Try resetting 'Default' setting, worked for me.
There is a specific procedure to go through, which Humax will gladly send you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 30 Oct 2009

My Humax "locks up" if I leave it on a BBC channel fine if left on Virgn, If setting up to record a BBC channel I also have to set it to record 1 minute of Virgin immediately after, just to switch it off the BBC channel to stop it freezing and there therefore not recording any other programs I set it for.

As it only happens on the BBC channels I can only assume its to do with the amount of compression on the BBC Mux channels.

  Annew 12:16 30 Oct 2009

I forgot to say my son has a different freeview box run from the same aerial and he has the same problem.

  BRYNIT 12:32 30 Oct 2009

It could be the aerial how old is it?

It could also be the cable from the aerial, checked the cable for damage? also check the connections.

If you have just split the cable between the two rooms you may need a booster to improve the signal.

  mooly 12:35 30 Oct 2009

One problem that is hard to diagnose is that depending on the receiver it may be picking up channels from first an out of area transmitter and then the primary transmiter when you do a channel scan.
It gets a bit involved trying to discover this but if the menu's on the receivers show actually channel numbers (between 21 and 68) for the MUX's (multiplexes) received you can found out if these correspond to the main transmitter.

It can be worth channel scanning with an atenuater in place to cut the signal down ensuring only the strongest are picked up.
Also old aerials are "grouped" and work over a narrow range of channels. Some areas are seeing the digital MUX's moved outside the old groupings for a particular area. If that is the case you need a wideband aerial.

  Annew 12:39 30 Oct 2009

The aerial is pretty old - at least 30 years. We have seperate boosters.I have checked all of the connections that I could get to. Seems like I need to get a new aerial and cable.

  scotty 13:25 30 Oct 2009

On my Humax (9200), hidden somewhere in the menues is an option to view signal strength and quality. Do you have this option on yours? Have you looked to see if strength or quality changes when you have the problem?

One possible cause of your symptoms is interference. I have seen my signal quality fall when electrical equipment is being used (e.g. lawnmower). It can affect one MUX more than the others.

  Poitier 14:39 30 Oct 2009

I think that your problem is that your signal strength is marginal. ITV 1 is a much weaker signal than BBC 1.As Scotty says you will have a signal strength/quality meter somewhere on the menu .Quality is the most important.Rather than a new or repositioned aerial why not try using a signal booster.

  BRYNIT 14:51 30 Oct 2009

Most aerial cables these day have a lifespan of about 20 years if your aerial/cable is as old as you say it would be advisable to have it replaced. Most signal problems are usually caused by water entering the cable after rain. Make sure you use a reputable company.

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