Intermittent display on Nvidia Quadro 4 980XGL

  mulva42 22:22 23 Jul 2004

I have a Nvidia Quadro 980Xgl 128mb graphics card which has Two separate DVI-I digital/VGA display jacks, One is working fine but when I plug the monitor into the other it starts fine then hangs at a blank screen.I realise this is probably a long shot but has anyone encountered the same problem even if it's a dual connection at the back on a different card.

Many thanks..

  mulva42 22:32 23 Jul 2004

Just the one monitor but on the other dvi output,Im sure it worked before I may be wrong though.I might try it with another monitor so I have both plugged in and see what happens..
Oh the warranty has ran out so theres no going back.Is there a surface-mount engineer in the house? that happens to work for Nvidia??

  mulva42 22:42 23 Jul 2004

I will have to try and find my other vga jack to try it out, I have a funny feeling my mate borrowed it a month or 2 ago so a hunting I shall go tommorow. So in theory 1 connector is a master and the other a slave, Does that make sense?
Nothing more will get done tonight as the wifes doing my head in..

  mulva42 23:03 26 Jul 2004

AndySD, News update I managed to plug two monitors into the card and it does as you said 1 acts like a bootup screen the other acts as a spare were you can drag things from one screen to another, thats the only way to discribe it..
Many thanks 4 your help..

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