Intermittent crashes from a Radeon 9800 Pro

  HermanBloom 09:34 20 May 2004

Hi all.

I upgraded last week from an nvidia to the card above. I am getting intermmitent crashes now. In most cases the monitor swithces off, then switches itself back on via VPu recovery (even though I have switched it off!). Sometimes the monitor does not come back at all though, it stays on standby, meaning I have to do a full reset. The crashes seem to be entirely random, the PC can be on for five hours hours and it doesn't happen, othertimes it will crash after 5 minutes. This is what I have done so far:

Changed PSU from 250W to 400W
Done a fresh install of drivers
Used Driver Cleaner to remove all nvidia drivers
Updated MOBO drivers
Disabled VPU and FastWrite
Nothing is overclocked
CPU temp never goes higher than 52 Celcius
Case temp never higher than 45 celcius
Latest DivX is installed.

I'm at a bit of a loss now, as that is the limit of my PC knowledge. Anyone know what else I can do?

  HermanBloom 11:04 20 May 2004

Anyone? I really don't know what to do now :(

  HermanBloom 16:23 20 May 2004

No-one at all? I guess I will have to take the card back and report it as faulty then.

  christmascracker 16:46 20 May 2004

Don't give up yet. Someone will be along that can help I'm sure.

  christmascracker 21:30 20 May 2004


  Steven135 21:42 20 May 2004

Have you tried turning down the graphics acceleration?

  Totally-braindead 23:32 20 May 2004

I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you. I upgraded my video card to a 9800 Pro and did everything you did including blanking the computer and reinstalling from scratch as well as upgrading the PSU. Nothing helped, it worked fine from the desktop but when I went into any game and I mean any game it crashed, sometimes it crashed instantly sometimes it would run for a few minutes then crash, also I tried all the drivers I could find even the Omega ones all to no avail. I got my card from Overclockers and after 2 weeks I gave up and sent it back, they refunded the money a couple of weeks later so I presume the card was actually faulty. I bought a MSI 5900XT to replace it, cost £10 less and ran first time and in the past 3 weeks hasn't missed a beat. I can't be sure if the card was actually faulty or not but it was made by a non-brand company if you know what I mean, so I've concluded that either the card had a problem with the chipset of my motherboard or it was faulty.

  HermanBloom 09:11 21 May 2004

Thnaks guys. I have tried to turn the accelartion down, but it hasn't solved it. I have given the card to a friend who repairs PC's and he is going to try and test it, but as the fault happens randomly I am not sure how he will find it.

If he can't find anything wrong with it I will try one last install, then send it back to e-Buyer and get a replacement I guess. Pain in the backside though :(

  helmetshine 09:35 21 May 2004

Could it be a BIOS problem...maybe an updated BIOS would help

Apart from that a friend had a similar problem going the other way round(from ATI to Nvidia) and only cured it by reformatting and reinstalling Windows...both poss solutions are a bit drastic but may be worth a try

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