Intermittent connectivity with vista laptop

  Alaric 16:00 13 Jan 2010

I have recently set up a home network with a Thomson 585v7 modem/router. It is connected to 2 PCs running XP, a laptop running Windows 7 64 bit and a laptop running Vista. The PCs are connected by Ethernet cable, and the laptops via wireless. I have no problem with the XP PCs and the Windows 7 laptop connecting, but with the Vista laptop, I can only intermittently get a connection to the internet. It was fine for the first day, but failed after that. Looking at various forums, this seems to be a common problem with Vista machines connecting wirelessly. I have no problem connecting the Vista laptop with an Ethernet cable: it is only the wireless connection that is problematic. It seems that the problem is that the laptop is unable to obtain an IP address from the router. After a while the laptop IP is autoconfigured to Although lots of users have identified similar problems with Vista connections, especially with Thomson routers, there seems to be no consensus regarding a solution. The most likely solutions proposed seem to be:
1.Obtain new firmware for the router (at present version installed. I am not sure if this is the latest, and updating looks a nightmare. Thomson do not seem to have any info on 585v7 on their website)
2. Edit registry of Vista laptop as described in click here
3. Disable IPV6, which should not be required by Vista

If anyone else has experienced similar problems and found a solution, I would very much appreciate any observations before I start messing about with the laptop or router. I cannot get any help from my ISP as they do not have tech.staff due to snow.

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