Intermittent BT Broadband line problems

  gozzila 10:13 31 May 2005

After some intial teething troubles, my BT Yahoo BB has been going well, until 25 May. Since then, I'm occasionally getting the DSL light on my router (Voyager 205) flashing - and lose the connection.
When it is working, I've done a speed test & get a decent rate (avg 105KBps).
BT Helpline blame my extension line that I'm linked to (plugging the router into test socket on main junction I got a steady light). But why would I get perfect service sometimes if the line is faulty?
I do have a complicated telcom setup: I have my main home line socket in one room, with a business line socket off it. And then also an extension of business & home line PLUS an ISDN line to the room I am using BB in. (All the cabling was done by BT - I have the business & ISDN fitted by my employer).
I'm not sure whether to now pay £50+ to have an engineer visit. Especially if he just tests the main line & says its a fault past that. (Tests they've done remotely showed no signal loss!?)

Could my problems be down to the multitude of lines extended off my main phone socket?

  jolorna 10:19 31 May 2005

how many cables do you have coming to your property from the outside pole?

  gozzila 10:35 31 May 2005

I have one - comes out of the ground. That goes into my house (& into the main socket). It might also carry cables for the business line socket - not sure. What I can see is that I then have 2 cables run round house - one connects to the ISDN 2e box, the other to a double extension socket (with my business & home extensions).

  jolorna 11:10 31 May 2005

you cant have isdn & bb on the same cable

  gozzila 13:53 14 Jun 2005

Had a visit from a BT engineer, who was doing some work on my business line (paid for by me employer). I mentioned the fault & he updated my main socket to an ADSL faceplate - with jack points for phone & ADSL link, with an integrated filter. He advised that electrical interference is a common cause of intermittent failures & that the microfilters aren't really up to it.

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