intermittent broadband mystery

  rickd 11:02 18 Aug 2008

For the past week I keep dropping my broadband connection - the green DSL sync light on the router flashes and won't sync. However, if I use the phone, I get a dialing tone, and then on most occasions the router mysteryously syncs itself (usually, but not always). I can hear a crackle on the line (like static?), as well as a clicking sound (like an old-fashioned typewriter). Unplugging the telephone line and repluging sometimes has the same effect.

Its almost like connecting the phone is somehow "clearing" the noise on the line and allowing the router to sync. Once sync'd it seems to hold for anything from minutes to hours.

When it started, I suspected it might be something to do with heavy rain (it's been peeing down here for the past 2 weeks and I'm at the end of an old line about 6 to 7km from the exchange, so the signal is marginal at the best of times), but I've had a solid problem-free half meg for the past 6 months, and now nothing but problems for a whole week.
I've checked all the internal cables, the router comes through a proper BT installed phone/broadband box with built in filter, and I've reset the router.
Any ideas before I phone BT?

  howard64 11:18 18 Aug 2008

can you open the bt master - remove the two screws and pull the bottom half out. This exposes the master socket with no extensions etc., connected. Plug into that and see if things improve. If they do then you know it is an internal problem and we could advise what next to try.

  eedcam 11:31 18 Aug 2008

Also check the line for noise
click here

  Halmer 11:34 18 Aug 2008
  provider 2 11:36 18 Aug 2008

Sounds like a line problem to me. I had a similar set of crackling and ticking noises but also I could very faintly hear my neighbour (half a mile away) chatting on the phone.

The engineers found some ancient epuipment (small, rural exchange), had been damaged by a lightning strike and some chaffing cables had worn through their insulation.

They checked our junction boxes too which I was a bit surprised to see had six inches of water in them, with the cable joints hanging just above.
A bit of a miracle the damn thing was working at all!

  Halmer 11:39 18 Aug 2008

Posted to wrong thread.


  RobCharles1981 11:56 18 Aug 2008

Post your Line stats for us to see.

  rickd 12:27 18 Aug 2008

Yup pretty sure its a external line fault (the cable comes stright from the master-in in the ADSL socket and the phone jumps off it) taking off the front of the box means the phone disconnects and then when repluged it reconnects and I get broadband for a few secs/mins then again it fails. I'm guessing there's a junction box under water somewhere.
Will try to get the line stats as soon as it holds up for long enough!

  rickd 13:43 18 Aug 2008

logged into my router, but it doesn't seem to give SNR stats (just basic connection details?) Is there another way to get these?

  RobCharles1981 16:03 18 Aug 2008

What is the make of your router ???

  provider 2 17:08 18 Aug 2008

Perhaps a BT line check?

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