Intermittent Broadband Connection

  coeur 19:43 22 Mar 2010

Hi, I hope someone can offer some advice - I'm having great difficulty maintaining consistent broadband connection on my PC. I have Virgin Broadband which has generally served us well until a week ago. Now when I start my computer and open the web browser, I can normally get internet connection for a minute or so (say 4 or 5 clicks between websites) at normal broadband speed and then the very next click there is no connection at all. The send/receive lights stop flashing and the status bar shows one bar and progresses to the next bar very slowly if at all. If I then close the web browser and re-open it again I get connection for few clicks and then nothing. If I re-start the PC I get connection for few clicks and then nothing.

I have tried the following:
restarting the PC; restarting the Modem, I've disabled as many Add-Ons such as tool bars as possible, I've even cleaned the CPU heat sink of dust (as last time I had a similar problem this worked) but all to no avail.

What can I try next?

Many thanks

  jack 20:21 22 Mar 2010

Trouble with the cable or external box.
Several of my flock have Virgin Cable and the recent inclement weather has played marry hell with damp getting in.
Speak to support about it and get them do to a few tests

  coeur 20:29 22 Mar 2010

Hi Jack,

Have spoken to Virgin and they have tested the line and they say its okay. Also, the Sync and Ready lights are on constantly even when broadband not connecting. Virgin have told me that this is indicate that the line is functioning correctly. Have you any other ideas?

  woodchip 20:47 22 Mar 2010

If you are connected Wireless, Try changing Channel in the router

  BRYNIT 21:15 22 Mar 2010

Check the thick cable connected to the modem to see if it has become loose, this can sometimes cause an intermittent fault.

  coeur 21:27 22 Mar 2010

Hi Woodchip - I've removed my router to eliminate it from the problem. I'm now connected diretly to the broadband modem
Hi Brynit, I've checked the cable; it was a little loose and have tightened it up but this hasn't helped unfortunately.
Any other ideas?


  woodchip 23:03 22 Mar 2010

If this is a Laptop, check Power Settings if running on battery. There is one also in device Manager, under network adapters check power save is disabled

  Hudson 23:13 22 Mar 2010

Were you previously using a wireless connection? If you changed from wireless to cable and yet still get the same problem, it may well be in the modem.

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