Intermittent boot up non-start of my desktop

  Housten 10:48 09 Oct 2014

Good morning, Gentlemen,

I have been having this problem for some time ( probably in excess of a year ) but recently I changed the layout of the peripherals attached to the computer. I had a 7 port powered hub through which some of the attached units were connected; however I have now restricted the units attached and all my units are now connected through the 7 port. Part of my idea in getting it was to relieve the computer in having to power attached units. After changing everything over they all appeared to work, so I am hopeful that the change will continue to be successful.

However when I came to boot up this morning I tried over a dozen times - and it kept failing. I have an external hard drive which has a blue light showing when it is on, and it came on every time. But the keyboard and the mouse are also connected and they came on, at best 50% of the time. Well the keyboard anyway, I have a Logitech Marble mouse trackball and it doesn't show a light on it so I am assuming that it came on!!

After the first dozen or so attempts, I switched off and got hold of the hub, and tried shoving all the plugs in. It then started up. It would seem obvious that there was an intermittent connection that was the fault. But why should there be? The machine was working fine yesterday afternoon, when I switched it off and the hub can not have moved since. The room I work in is unheated and my laptop booted straight up, so again that would infer the intermittent at the hub. But I am just wondering if the real problem could be the temperature. I live in Hampshire and it was cold this morning. I know there is a risk of computers getting too hot and cutting out, but is there the same problem with them if they are too cold? If so would turning a fan heater on to the computer for 10 minutes or so before I try to boot it up be a better bet?

Any information or advice anyone can give me will be very gratefully received. Many, many thanks in advance.Intermittent

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 09 Oct 2014

Cold start non boot can be due to HDD slow to spin up (disable Quick boot in BIOS) however I would try staring withe the hub unplugged.

could be PSU on its way out

or even HDD starting to fail so make sure you have a backup / image of your drive.

  Housten 14:01 12 Oct 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Many thanks for your ( somewhat worrying ) comments! Also many apologies for not replying sooner but I thought that PCA sent emails when there was a reply to a question and I have not received any notification.

I know some may think of me as a sad pensioner but I do a weekly backup so if there is an HDD problem I should be - well known phrase or hope - pretty well OK. I will disable Quick boot in the BIOS and will keep an eye on the PSU. Being a thick pensioner it seems obvious to me what Quick boot should do, but is there more to it than that?

Many, many thanks for your help

  BRYNIT 14:14 12 Oct 2014

Try booting without the external drive connected.

If your computer is able to boot from a USB device your computer may be trying to boot from the external drive before the internal, this can create a slow boot or even a failure to boot.

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