intermittant Blank Screen problem

  bloodnock 21:05 12 Oct 2004

Hi...ive A Medion 2800 pc running windows xp home edition and recently ive been having the VDU screen go blank for a couple of seconds at a time (a black screen without any lettering or life to it).this happens several times an hour and doesent seem to create any other problems but it is annoying........anyone have any idea as to why its doing it?.......i run norton Systemworks often to hopefully cure any glithches yet it dont help this problem...........thank you..John.

  Night Ryder 21:10 12 Oct 2004

Open the computer and check that the graphics card is firmly seated in it's slot. Also check the VGA cable for signs of damage and make sure it's firmly attached to the graphics card. Least likely, does your graphics card require a separate power supply? If so make sure it is connected firmly.

  citadel 21:44 12 Oct 2004

If it is a crt monitor it may be failing, I had a similar problem, the monitor would black out for a time. I bought a new one and all was well.

  bloodnock 19:36 13 Oct 2004

Dunno if its a CRT Monitor or not.....its a flat screen but not glass fronted.....and only looks right if viewed from a straight on angle.....if that sounds like a CRT Monitor then thats what it might be........Pcs only 18 month old with an extended 5 year warranty.....hopefully a free replacement is due :)........thanks Citadel and Night Rider.

  Dorsai 19:58 13 Oct 2004

That sounds like a TFT monitor.

CRT = Cathode Ray Tube (ie a normal telly, big boxy and deep, glass front)

TFT = Thin Film Transistor

Thin, as in thin, (dont worry about the rest of it) plastic front, basically a flat box or panel, based on liquid crystal diaplays (like in a digital watch or mobile phone, but much improved on).

  bloodnock 22:01 14 Oct 2004

yup........Very thin casings at rear........not CRT i guess.......

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