Intermitantly picking up wireless networks

  thomas159 21:57 29 Jun 2010

HI all, im having issues with my laptop wireless.
Its an intel 6200 wireless card, it was working fine last night, but now it will pick up wireless networks when i restart it, they stay there for about a minute then dissapear!
Also it wont connect to them, i have tried everything, the antenna is on, run all of the diagnostics, it just says that there are no networks to connect to but i know there is because my mobile phone is connected to them!
Theres at least 3 networks around my house, please help!

  thomas159 00:47 30 Jun 2010

well i have tried it with linux to exactly the same problem which leads me to believe it is a hardware error as opposed to a problem in windows 7 :/

  onthelimit 18:17 30 Jun 2010

Might be worth uninstalling the driver then re-starting and let windows find the adaptor and re-install the driver.

  onthelimit 09:36 01 Jul 2010

Sorry, only just noticed that it happens with Linux as well. If it's the adaptor card, they are around £12 to buy off ebay. Fitting can be difficult depending on the machine (I had to do some serious dismantling of my Sammy to get to a duff one) but there are various guides on line.

  tullie 10:30 01 Jul 2010

Im probably reading this wrong,if your wireless connection picks up other networks,thats what its supposed to do,but you cant connect to them if they are security enabled.You shouldent be connecting to someone network anyway,unless its a hotspot.If it connects to yours,then theres no problem.Forgive me if ive misread it.

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