intermitant Boot Problem with XP

  Giggle n' Bits 12:38 22 Dec 2003

I have WinXP, with a AMD Athlon XP2400, 2x 256MB PC2700 DDR (333MHz)
With a Creative 3D Blaster 5 AGP x8 128MB DDR graphics card that has a molex power plug which is connected to one of the leads of the 350Watt PSU.

Problem: on booting from cold or nearly from a cold boot I get the follwing at occassional boots, the "Hardware monitor found an error, Enter power Setup menu for details" or sometimes it will go straight to the CPU details for the MHz saying this is incorrect, and sometimes it will just hang at post after loading/checking the IDE drives.

The Motherboard is a Asus A7V8X-X KT400 with a Bios Rev of 1006

All I can think is the AGP Card with it having a external Molex power connected to the PSU is not going down well with the system.

Any idea's on what I can check for, the CPU & Memory is correct in BIOS.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:24 22 Dec 2003

more a freeze when checking the HDD, DVD then CDwrtr then it say Plug n' play initialsised and thats it, it just stops there.

if I restart byu pressing the reset button on case it will restart and boot with a slight pause at the screen showing all the Drives DMA channels, DDR and that then into xp desktop.

I did a IBM HDD diagnostic test and it came up ok, this HDD does make the odd squeek and click, its a needle in a haystack problem.

Can anyone suggest where to start to find the problem.

Again the Creative AGP x8 128MB DDR AGP card has its own power which you plug in a spare/free molex 4pin connector to it. I just wonder if this could have anything to do with it. I may try a spare 32MB SDRAM AGP card later.

Going to see if I can get any support from cruial.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:21 22 Dec 2003

the psu is a Premier LC-B350ATX PSU
I thought I had cured it by reflashing wiht the BIOS Rev.1006 as this was the fix according to ASUS site.

But again I try and it now hangs at the post screen again, the one which shows IDE drives with the UDMA's, DDR Memory, CPU, IRQs and stuff.

I know there is a BIOS update to fix a memory bug when using PC2700 DDR 333MHz but don't know if this is the problem related to what I have.

Anyone know what cuases boot problems like this. It is a new pc build I have done for chrimbo.

Memory is by Crucial.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:54 22 Dec 2003

a new one. Re-worded.

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