Intermitant boot problem

  Giggle n' Bits 15:47 16 Jul 2008

Windows XP, Sometimes nearly every couple of times when booting up into windows or cold powering on the machine will start into windows desktop but the screen will not display whats actually going on it stays in standby and orange status. So to get it to come on I have to Hold power button down 4 secs to total power off then power on and it comes back on.

I have tested the PSU to be fine, could it be a fault with the ATI Radeon X1300 PCI Express card ?

I did upgrade the BIOS but this didn't cure it.
Erh how about a PCI Modem causing problems ?

  Jim_F 16:10 16 Jul 2008

Sounds like a PSU problem to me as you load the PSU highest when cold starting and then loading Windows. This can be transient condition and is not easy to test without a scope - the easiest thing to do is disconnect everything you don't need to boot - DVD/CD, modem, USB devices.

If the computer then cold-boots solidly then add one device at a time. If it boots with each device but fails to boot with all the add-ins then your chief suspect is definitely the PSU !

  Giggle n' Bits 17:00 16 Jul 2008

You know a little bit more than me re the PSU. I can understand this. A PSU can test fine but operate and start to operate faulty after a warm-up. Thing is I don't have a Scope just a Akasa PSU Tester with the Lights for Rails and Good or Faill.

When you say Scope do you mean a Multi-Meter ?

So, leaving connected Mains Power to M/board and try and boot then add a device each time ?

  Joe R 17:03 16 Jul 2008


it seems to me, that the problem is coming from your video card or monitor.

Your PSU, should not affect your picture on your monitor.

Have you tried re-seating the graphics card?, or tried another cable between, video card and monitor?

  Giggle n' Bits 18:59 16 Jul 2008

Confident to say its not the monitor but the PCI Express ATI Radeon it may be as sometime I see distortion when booting up where usually you expect to see some all black you get a mixture of wavey colours briefly.

Looks like it could be a case of testing one thing at a time first as Jim_F says then change the PCI Exp with another one. Good I have 3 machines in my house.

will report back when I have some more info.

  woodchip 19:08 16 Jul 2008

Kaleidoscope = Oscilloscope

  woodchip 19:08 16 Jul 2008

As above Faulty PSU is the most likely

  ronalddonald 19:23 16 Jul 2008

you also checked the setings in control panel under power options, just see if theres anything that could hindering the swithc on process.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:45 16 Jul 2008

& ronalddonald. Ermm as saisd earlier PSU will start playing with it later, got family matters to attend to.

  Jim_F 17:48 18 Jul 2008

Sorry about the delay in relying - scope =oscilloscope - it can spot or trigger from very short blips in the supply voltage.

Most PSUs will disconnect all power immediately an overload (low voltage) condition is spotted on any of the rails - they are designed to do this but it means that a meter or tester will only tell you if the power is on or off !

The system hammers the PSU most at cold boot - first by starting the hard drives up and then Windows comes along and does lots of work on the hard drive, initialises devices and spins up any CD/DVD drives with disks in.

To illustrate how critical this can be I had a system which failed to cold-boot with a CD in the drive - the PSU was fine and works to this day in a different box but a second HDD and all the other add-ons were just too much for it.

  Giggle n' Bits 18:21 18 Jul 2008

Interesting read. Hopefully I will get time later or over the weekend to sort this problem out.

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