Interl Celeron D is causing huge noise

  Rao_BM 12:16 13 Nov 2006

Hello ,
I got Intel Celeron D320 pc which is causing huge sound from the time its booted.Earlier i thought its the fan unit..but now I have some strong doubts on Processor itslef.My question is I am planning to replace Intel Celeron with Intel Pentium...can some body suggest which is the prefect replcament for Intel Celeron D and should not cause sound.

Waiting for reply...


  Stuartli 16:08 13 Nov 2006

Could be a fan's blades catching on its case or even one of the cables.

  skidzy 16:16 13 Nov 2006

Turn the pc off immediately,take the side casing off the tower and reboot.Now look inside and see if you see where the noise is coming from.It maybe the psu fan dying or the heatsink fan.
If a bearing fan,it could be a bearing has worn and would be causing these crunching noises.

Replacing your cpu:

Can you post the make/model of your motherboard.If you do not know,run Belarc..this will tell you click here we can then find a cpu that is compatible.

  Belatucadrus 17:31 13 Nov 2006

As the source of noise is likely to be mechanical a fan or dodgy disk drive, don't expect changing the CPU to silence things. Fitting a suitable low noise cooling fan is more likely to quiet things down.
Follow Skidzys advice to find out what MOBO you've got and what it can take. Other that that start checking out MOBO bundles and look to replace the lot.

  ~#@@#~ 17:38 13 Nov 2006

It can be difficult sometimes to track down the source of the noise inside a PC case.

Roll up a newspaper or magazine. Then place one end to your ear and move the other end carefully around the inside of the case. You should be able to narrow things down.

  Rao_BM 05:19 14 Nov 2006

Hello All,
Thanks for your reply.
Initially even I got some doubts like there could be something stuck in the fan blades/cabin which is causing sound.But its not.I checked and cleaned properly.Even I replaced only a fan unit.
Even with the new fan unit also the sound is coming.What I the initial stages the fan starts at a rpm of 2500 rpm and reaches to 5000 rpm and above within 10 mins and its quiet not enough to cool the processor.
Still not clear how to avoid the annoying sound.

  Belatucadrus 11:39 14 Nov 2006

I'd suggest getting a better fan, something like an Arctic cooling Alpine click here= . These big fans spin very slowly and as a result are extremely quiet when compared with standard units. The only drawback is that they're quite bulky and take up a lot of room, so may be hard to fit in some of the smaller microATX cases.

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