Intergrated Graphics and on board graphics on Laptop ..Help please!

  tomr2992 21:37 22 Jan 2013

Hi all,

First post of many having been away on a iMac for a number of years. I've just bought a new Dell 5521 with Intel 4000 on board graphics and also a 2gb AMD Radeon 8730M.

I'm a little confused on how they both work together. I've just ran a novabench mark test and it uses only the on board graphics (4000). I don't know why this was the case. Also I've disabled the 4000 and trying to run Star Wars online it gives the optimum performance as very low. Surly this isn't the case with this graphics card? I least expected medium to high. Any direction is most appreciated.

  northumbria61 21:48 22 Jan 2013

Take a look here enter link description here scroll right down to bottom

  tomr2992 22:01 22 Jan 2013

That very helpful to know that it can be done however I'm trying to use the AMD Catalyst control centre. It doesn't appear to have this option that is given from Nvidia.


I think I'm nearly there though. It doesn't help that the AMD site doesn't even have the graphics card listed its that new. Bugger

  tomr2992 22:02 22 Jan 2013

Further to my above I've just tried to install a game "Hawk". It says its not compatible due to intel 4000 being too low. Arrhhhh!!! No option to swap.

  tomr2992 22:20 22 Jan 2013

Sorted sorted sorted. Thanks for the help. Having downloaded the AMD centre there was the option to swap foe different games.

Thanks again

  northumbria61 23:16 22 Jan 2013

Brilliant - thanks fore the feedback.

  northumbria61 23:17 22 Jan 2013

fore? - time for bed !

  tomr2992 18:54 24 Jan 2013

Bad news. Having spoken to Dell it would appear that the computer used the Intel 4000 as standard and can't be over ridden. This is still the case when going through the Bios. There isn't even the option to turn off the onboard graphics. What a ball ache. I can't understand why they would ship a decent graphics card on the laptop and have if redundant most of the time. If anyone knows a program to completely disable the onboard graphics it would be a massive help.

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