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An Interesting Printing Problem & A Solution.

  Peter 13:53 24 Dec 2013

I have an Epson Expression XP-750 inkjet printer setup to print wirelessly and via USB. I have a Desktop PC running Windows XP Pro, to which the printer is connected, and which it was set up on. The printer had stopped printing, from this desktop, with a message along the lines of Unable to print document etc. etc.

Other computers, a netbook (also running XP) and a laptop (running Vista) were/are able to print okay over the wireless connection. The desktop would not print either by USB or wirelessly.

I reloaded and updated the drivers for the printer on the desktop, but all to no avail.

Eventually I did a backup of the changed files on the desktop and noticed that the time stamp on the backup was about 2 hours slow. (The CMOS battery is okay, the time difference was probably caused by booting to partitions which hadn't updated the time since the clocks changed at the end of October.)

Once the clock time was corrected the printing problem has been solved.

Just thought you might find the above interesting and a possible solution in the future.


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