Interesting (?) anomoly in Excel 2003 VBA

  Chris the Ancient 15:39 03 Nov 2010

I am running a macro, from a button, to print a selected worksheet.

As can be expected, the 'print... OK' dialog box pops up for a few milliseconds to show that the print is happening.

I have tried to suppress this OK box using...

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

... in different places in the code - but the box still 'flashes'.

Anyway of preventing that flash?


  VoG II 15:48 03 Nov 2010

I can't find a way (which doesn't mean it can't be done).

  Chris the Ancient 15:58 03 Nov 2010

Aha! Caught you lurking again! I was hoping that I would catch you still here since your earlier reply to somebody else's question.

I was beginning to feel that way after a lot (too much?) time researching everywhere I could on the MS site and through endless links from Google. So, I sez to myself, let's see if VoG™ is lurking.

What you have done is put my mind at rest that it isn't me doing something daft/stupid or missing the bloomin' obvious.

So, it looks as though me and my customers will just have to put up with a quick pop up that will be too fast for them to read.

Thanks for getting back so quick.


  Chris the Ancient 15:59 03 Nov 2010

p.s. I'll just make a comment about it in the 'Users' Guide'.

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