Ian in Northampton 20:15 30 May 2011

Or perhaps not. Not a problem or a question, but just an experience that might - remotely - sometime be of help to someone. My daughter's PC died - wouldn't boot. Eliminated everything but the motherboard - so it had to be a faulty motherboard. Found the identical one on eBay for a not bad price, which claimed to be tested and working. Installed it. Result! Working PC. But then... No sound. Worked through all the usual stuff - device manager to check drivers were present and correct. Tried different set of speakers. Checked it wasn't muted. Finally, checked in the BIOS to make sure onboard sound was enabled. It was.

Not sure why, but I decided to download the motherboard manual to take a look, see if any ideas presented themselves. Sure enough: the sound port on the motherboard could be configured for either rear sound - in which case two jumpers needed to be in place - or, for front sound, remove the jumpers and attach a cable. I suspected the previous owner of the motherboard might have configured it for front sound.

Looked at the motherboard and, lo and behold - no jumpers on the sound port. Fortunately, I hadn't binned the old (broken) motherboard. Looked at it - and the required jumpers were in place. Removed the jumpers, attached them to the new motherboard and - shazam! - sound!

Like I said: it's hard to believe this will ever be of any help to anyone. In fact, I'm probably sharing it just because I'm so pleased with myself... :-) But: you never know...

  spuds 20:29 30 May 2011

Every little bit of advice helps. Perhaps might pay to mention the particular motherboard!.

A few months ago I also purchased a motherboard from a seller on eBay. It was only through the kindness of another forum member, that I was able to find out what I had actually purchased, as there was a slight variety of a similar motherboards available. That kind deed saved a number of hours on failed searches.

  Ian in Northampton 20:31 30 May 2011

Spuds: it was an ABIT IP-65. I'm guessing here, but I'd imagine that many motherboards use a similar approach.

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