inter actual player

  Bennis 13:10 04 Jan 2004

i don't know what program inter actual player comes from as i can't play my dvds anymore. error message reads reinstall file iaresen.dll.
What program has this file?

  leo49 13:15 04 Jan 2004

click here

Looks to be some sort of add-on - I believe it's available for WinDVD5 among others

  gold 47 13:39 04 Jan 2004

Inter actual player came on a DVD i bought A Perfect Storm, if you have player sofware loaded IE Power DVD it will work or you will have to download software to play your DVD'S Power DVD is much better.

  QQAA 17:03 04 Jan 2004

appears to be quite a common practice, as I also found it auto-runned upon inserting my original Star Wars I & II DVD video discs.

But it is certainly not a charitable bundle because I thought it is implemented simply to tackle those people who have converted their DVD-ROM drives from RPC-2 (hardware-based) to RPC-1 (software-based) region-protection status through a firmware patching. I supposed it is meant to 'deny' the users a chance to activate their own PowerDVD, WinDVD, DirectDVD, MaXimus DVD, UltraDVD to playback the movie. These would be easily 'controlled' by some companion tools such as "DVD Genie" to suppress the RPC-1 region protection.

There is an official term for this kind of restrictive measure and it is aptly referred to as the "PC-Friendly" feature in the industry.

However, if you already have a special utility such as this one click here running in the background before inserting your DVD disc into the DVD-ROM drive, then it is probable the InterActual DVD Player would not get the chance to activate itself.

  hugh-265156 17:21 04 Jan 2004

i have interactual player on a few of my dvds,if you install and use that player to view the disc then you will have access to "extra content" on the disc that you would not be able to run from power dvd or media player for example.

mostly its links to the official film website or a game etc.i just hit cancel and play it in power dvd.

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