IntelliType in different programs.

  Martinsonline 16:00 20 Sep 2003

I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop kit, and use the IntelliPoint and IntelliType software that came with it. With IntelliPoint, the different mouse buttons (like scroll wheel/button), can do different commands depending on the program. Can this be done with IntelliType. What I want to do is use the media player skip buttons on my keyboard to go Back/Forward when in Internet Explorer.

  Gongoozler 18:01 20 Sep 2003

With my Misrosoft Internet keyboard and Windows 98se, if I go via Start - Programs - Microsoft Keyboard - Microsoft Keyboard, and click on the Key Settings tab, I can reallocate any of the special keys to perform a different function.

  Martinsonline 22:54 21 Sep 2003

Sorry I wasn't too clear. IntelliPoint can assign my wheel button to perform scrolling functions when in Internet Explorer, and to act as the Ctrl key when in Windows Explorer. Can IntelliType make the skip buttons perform the skip functions when in Media Player, and go Back/Forward when in Internet Explorer.

Is there a new version out that could do this, or a third-party program, or will I have to put up with using Alt and Arrow key combinations?

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