Intellipanel conflict with Western Digital

  Tigertops 16:38 20 Nov 2007

I would be interested to know if anyone else is running a Western Digital 250 Mb ext hard drive (My Book'), powered off an Intellipanel

I am finding that there is a shut down conflict on the PC which gets flagged up on Widows Start menu and appears to be due to the Intellipanel shutting the peripherals' power off before the ext hard drive can power down. Other peripherals such as printers etc are not affected The manufacturer's tech engineers are investigating but if anyone is using this set up I would like to know if they have had problems Tests I have done indicate that the Intellipanel peripheral power shut off needs to be adjusted upwards from around 6 seconds to nearer 10 seconds

A secondary problem appears to be that the monitor powers up very much more slowly so one loses the Start Up menu and it opens directly on Windows XP (once one has sorted the Start screen options and selected 'Normal')

  DieSse 16:52 20 Nov 2007

"and appears to be due to the Intellipanel shutting the peripherals' power off before the ext hard drive can power down."

Since the way you normally power down an external hard drive is by shutting the power off - I can't see any reason why this would matter.

A solution to any problem with an external drive shutdown might be to disconnect (the USB?)and power off the external drive first - use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray.

What exactly is "a shut down conflict on the PC which gets flagged up on Widows Start menu".

"A secondary problem ....opens directly on Windows XP"

In what way is that a problem?

  Tigertops 10:13 21 Nov 2007

Hi, Perhaps you are not familiar with the term Intellipanel? If you were you would not be asking these questions. An Intellipanel is a power saving device into by which the PC is plugged into a master socket and all peripherals are automatically powered up and shut down via an electronic timed sequence

See the website at and all will be explained re my shutdown and start up problems

  DieSse 14:11 21 Nov 2007

Yes - I had a look before I answered you, and my response was in the light of what it says.

  MCE2K5 14:30 21 Nov 2007

Is you Western Digital 250 Mb ext hard drive (My Book) Connected by FireWire or USB2.

  Tigertops 15:41 21 Nov 2007

The 250 Gb western Dig hard drive is connected by USB and powered off the Intellipanel. The WD Drive has a shutdown time of 7 secs, AFTER the PC is powered off. You can watch it happen re the indicator light
BUT, The Intellipanel shuts down peripherals in 5 secs when the PC shuts down. Therefor the Ext Hard drive does not shut down properly and when you restart the PC you get the Windows Start up Menu telling you there has been a fault with the last shut down. You have the option to restore normally or go for the last good configuration--- etc If the Intellipanel held power to the ext hard drive for an extra second or two no problem. That is what the manufacturers are looking at now. Coupled with this is the fact that on my PC system which is all new kit the TFT screen does not power up from the Intellipanel as quickly as it does from an independent power supply. In fact it powers up so slowly I miss seeing the whole 'Start Up' menu. And sometimes I want to get into Bios etc. Hope that explains what I was saying for you as well Diesse

  MCE2K5 16:57 21 Nov 2007

I have the Western Digital 500 Mb My Book Premium and that takes anything upto 12 seconds to shut down as to let the pc turn off.

Can you use Western Digital ButtonManager to Shut down Drive First, Then Shut Down the PC.
That's what I do if in a hurry to turn off Computer.

  DieSse 19:40 21 Nov 2007

"The WD Drive has a shutdown time of 7 secs, AFTER the PC is powered off."

Well I presume that'll be the shutdown time for the software it's running - drives themselves shut down instantly (near enough).

If the drive/it's software are intolerant of power cuts, then you should not be giving it what is in essence a power cut (ie it's power is removed before it's closed down.)

So your solution is to close the drive down before you power the system off.

If your monitor is too slow to power up, and you miss messages that you need - then one way round that is to slow the system start-up. You can do this by going into the BIOS and disabling "Quick poer-on self test"

This gives a more thorough RAM test during power-on (which is arguably a "good thing" anyway) and will take quite a good extra bit of tie - should be more than enough for the monitor to power up during the system POST.

  Tigertops 10:41 22 Nov 2007

Thanks for both the suggestions, especially the one re slowing down the Screen start up--I did not know of that one.

Yes I can switch off the Ext drive using the button but hope that One Click who manufacture the Intellipanel might increase the delay time on new production--but I am not holding my breath on that one as they have been very quiet since finding out they have a problem!

Appreciate your interest and help. Consider it closed but I will update this question if a long term tech solution is forthcoming from the mfr.

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