is intel T5450 much slower or inferior than T5500

  pbooks 21:58 03 Jun 2008

Please advise, as I have just received a replacement for my previuos Laptop which was a Tosh Satellite.
My new Laptop has an intel core 2 duo T5450 processor rather than a intel core 2 duo T5500, and I would like to know whether the lower intel processor (T5450) would be same or similar and would not make much difference to the laptop operation speeds.

  I am Spartacus 22:07 03 Jun 2008

Looks virtually identical to me click here

  Stuartli 22:28 03 Jun 2008

The T5450 appears to be one supplied to system builders whilst the T5500 is a retail version.

As I am Spartacus states both appear to have similar specifications.

  Why wont it work 22:46 03 Jun 2008

So far as I can see they are exactly the same except for one thing. The T5500 is designed for the older 945 based 'Napa' motherboards and the T5450 is for the newer 965 'Santa Rosa' ones. Therefore if you had to chose between two laptops with them, the T5450 would be better as it would come with a newer version of 'Centrino' (ie Santa Rosa).

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