Intel SSD install help, no idea how to power this thing...

  jlhsharkey 19:51 24 Sep 2014

I bought an Intel SSD (S3500 series) from Scan and it didnt arrive with any cables (much to my suprise). When i tried to install it, i got the SATA data cable right but the SATA power cable is something ive never seen before, its like a SATA cable but T shaped. I rang Intel for help and they said it should be on my PSU (Silent Pro M2 1000W) but its not. Any thoughts?

  StephenCrossland 20:18 24 Sep 2014

I will be in your shoes in a couple of weeks. Got my eye on an Intel SSD. I have picked up this from ebay

click here

Hope it will do the trick.


  BRYNIT 20:30 24 Sep 2014

Are you sure its a T shape?

The standard connection on a SATA drive is an L shape connector about twice the length of the SATA data connector. I cannot see them changing this but could be wrong.

  Picklefactory 22:20 24 Sep 2014

I just installed a Samsung sad last week, no idea if Intel is the same I'm afraid, but it was simple sata cables. Mine was supplied with the psu, but basically a larger mirror image of the sata data cable, L shaped, but opposite to the data cable and longer. If you Google ssd cable images, that might help you.

  daxian 23:04 24 Sep 2014

ok this is what you want if you do not have a sata power cable on your psu click here

  Number six 23:16 24 Sep 2014

Do you mean the terminals are at a right angle to the cable? This is quite common as many motherboard SATA ports are sideways mounted, rather than face-up. The shape and number of the terminals are exactly the same.

  alanrwood 13:06 25 Sep 2014

All SATA connections are the same. All SATA drives use 2 SATA Cables, one for data and the other to supply power from the PSU. (Some SATA cables do have both included in the end which fits on to the drive but 2 separate cables to the M/B and the PSU connection). If your PSU is fairly modern it should have a couple at least of the SATA Power cables coming from it. If it does not then you need a Cable which adapts a standard PSU plug to a SATA one as shown in the link from Daxian above. All SSDs have the same connections.

  jlhsharkey 18:56 28 Sep 2014

Thanks for the replys, im going to get an adapter for it seeing as my PSU doesnt have one built in, thanks for the help

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