Intel PROset/Wireless and DNS server problems

  adamgo10 03:25 03 Jan 2009

Machine: Inspiron E1505 Laptop w/ Intel PROset/Wireless

Situation: Excellent Signal and Connectivity, Reads as Connected and still no access to the internet, all browsers read standard error message

Tried: Different browsers, letting Windows manage my wireless connections, reinstalling adapter/card/drivers


* LAN is "media disconnected" and i keep getting a "network cable unplugged" pop-up but i'm not hooked up hard-line to any network... mostly just annoying

* WIRELESS has a physical address, IP address and subnet mask, DHCP enabled is a "no" and there is no default gateway ~ ping test in Intel PROset/Wireless manual tests gave a "no response"

* BROADBAND WAN Interface has physical address, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and two DNS servers, DHCP enables is a "no" and NetBIOS over TCPIP is "disabled"

I want to belief and tried telling Verizon that it was their fault for giving me the VZAccess broadband software with a USB, but they said they have had zero other compatibility problems...


  ambra4 04:11 03 Jan 2009

Check your setting is correct

click here

  adamgo10 05:26 03 Jan 2009

ambra4... My apologies, but I found your comment a little vague. Is that "I should check to make sure my settings are correct" OR a "Check! My settings are correct, so who knows what the problem is?"

  ambra4 07:27 03 Jan 2009

“My settings are correct, so who knows what the problem is?"

The problem is that your Internet access setting is not correct

You need to do a HARD WIRE SET UP FIRST before even thing about wireless as listed on the

thread that I sent you to

Just read my posting, if you feel that your setting is correct than I would be unable to help

  adamgo10 20:00 05 Jan 2009

OK, so my Internet access settings (?) are not correct.

Which settings? What should I be looking for?

I don't have a hard wire network to check out.

I do know that my Broadband connection through Verizon aka VZAccess works great, so what does that tell me about my wireless?

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