Intel Processor Hierarchy

  PunterCam 19:21 01 Sep 2006

I'm not sure where I should be posting this, please move it if its in the wrong place. I'm seriously considering buying a new mac pro with two 2.0ghz or 2.66ghz dual core xeon processors. I need both mac osx and windows (im sure u know intel macs can run windows now), this makes sense as my pc is getting a bit outdated. I checked the intel website to see where it came in their line up of chips, and i noticed it was under the sub heading 'embedded processors', not desktop processors like I would have expected. I do enjoy buying a decent game now and again, and I know how fussy they are with hardware! Are these dual core xeon processors as well supported and as compatable as the pentium 4's and core duo processors? Is this a bad idea? Should I be looking at buying a decent pc and a mac g4 from ebay? Hope you can help me out a bit here as I'll have to get on and decide soon enough, university looms!

  sean-278262 20:55 01 Sep 2006

Xeons are designed for server use in mind. They are not really designed to aim at the games market as the P4 or duos are. To be honest the money your intending to spend on a xeon processor would be better spend on a top of the range core duo. However the xeon processors use a different socket thus would not fit the way you intend. Im not sure if I am reading this right but you do have one huge block of text.

The xeon workstations are designed for 3d CAD video or graphic manipulation rather than gaming.

  PunterCam 09:55 02 Sep 2006

Surely this doesnt mean they're no good for gaming though? Maybe not as fast as one of the core duos, but they're not gonna be incompatable or anyting?

  FatboySlim71 10:07 02 Sep 2006

Creature of the Nite is right, you will be better off with a top of the range dual core, In my PC I have an IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 Processor 950 Dual Core Processor (3.40GHz, 800MHz, 2x2MB cache) I have overclocked it to 4.1 GHZ, it didnt need it but I just wanted to get everything I could out of it, and it does anything you throw at it blisteringly fast never slows or struggles, its an excellent processor, I think this kind of processor would be way more than adequte for your uses.

  vinnyT 11:12 02 Sep 2006

Check what graphics cards they can take, as this matters in recent games than sheer cpu power.

  Stuartli 12:08 02 Sep 2006

Details of Intel's CPUs can be found at:

click here

  PunterCam 19:51 02 Sep 2006

If I was just needing a pc then I would be looking at the core duos or pentium 4's, but the fact is I need mac osx as well. I made an attempt at getting osx86 installed on my pc but its so hit and miss with different hardware. I could just buy 2 computers, true, but this mac pro is such a neat solution, and its near silent as well. The xeons are the only processor you can get with these systems though. Its a tough choice!

  vinnyT 11:51 04 Sep 2006

Just been staying at a friends place over the w/e, she has xp on her mac , whilst it seems alittle slower I was really really impressed with it.

Worth noting that you need a full retail copy of xp for it to work on top of os x.

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