Intel or AMD?

  buggerlugs 22:50 15 Feb 2003

I am about to build my own pc for the first time, but I am undecided as to which type of processor to go for. I know Intel are more expensive than AMD, but which one is better? Are there any compatibility issues with to consider with AMD as opposed to Intel?

  VoG™ 22:55 15 Feb 2003

There are countless discussions on this if you can be bothered to do a search.

  VoG™ 23:00 15 Feb 2003

very recent example click here

  Taran 23:08 15 Feb 2003

Take a good look through the adverts in any good computer magazine and see which manufacturers are using the processors in question. You can very quickly draw your own conclusions based on the information contained therein.

And as VoG™ has already pointed out, a quick search through this site will find many such debates, arguments and discussions.

Regarding compatibility issues, go to the CPU manufacturers website and they have suggested component build lists where motherboards and other components have been tried and tested with their processors, giving you an idea of what will work based on recommendation after testing.



  billyliv 00:43 16 Feb 2003

Hi, I would reply to you post but I do not like your ID.

  User-312386 00:48 16 Feb 2003

if you can afford it

I am really really surprised at the responses

come on lads

lets put them all into perspective and give constructive advise

many thanks


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