Intel I7 7700k, Water Or Air Cooled??

  Jeremy Griffin 08:31 13 Apr 2017

Sent my pc in for an upgrade from an AMD fx8320 to an Intel I7 7700k (Also upgraded the board to an Asus Maximus Viii).

I currently also have a corsair H80Vi water cooler on the old cpu. After a conversation with the guy he said you don't want a crappy water cooler, you need it to be air cooled so much more reliable and less likely to go wrong.

I always had in my head that water cooling was the way to go and that is why i spent alot of money on the h80v2.

Is there any logic behind what this guy said? Or should I put my water cooler back on my I7 and take the block air cooler off??

  Burn-it 14:35 13 Apr 2017

It is up to you. In the vast majority of cases?? water cooling is not needed and just adds extra risk of things going wrong. It is only if you are a serious overclocker or have a very hot environment . that you should even need it.

  Archonar 16:31 13 Apr 2017

Completely agree with Burn-It. So many people spend a fortune on water cooling and they really don't need it. Unless you are planning to seriously overclock the cpu it's just not worth it. It seems silly to introduce water to a box of electronics when it's not needed.

That said, I would recommend getting a 3rd party air cooler rather than the stock one. The Hyper 212 evo is by far the most popular and since I have one in my pc I can tell you that it is a great product. It is also great value which always helps.

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