Intel graphics driver 82810E

  cowgirl66 15:19 04 Jun 2006

I have just had a crash analysis telling me my Intel graphics driver is out of date. I have checked in Device Manager what serial no it is; it's the 82810E. I went to the Intel site to find an up-to-date one but I can only find the 810 chipset and 82810 driver, not the 810E or the 82810E driver. What should I do?

The current driver I have installed is

According the the Intel website the last version driver they made was the 6.7 and that was for the 82810 driver. But is this any good for my computer?

Please advise me on this I'm really green about such things.

Thanks, cowgirl66

  SANTOS7 15:34 04 Jun 2006

click here

  DieSse 16:45 04 Jun 2006

I would recommend you use the one from the Intel site - you're bound to get the latest official version that way. - don't worry about the E suffix - it's for all versions.

There are other drivers you should get the latest veraion of too - notably the Application Accelerator.

  DieSse 16:47 04 Jun 2006

PS - I should have added that the software version (6.7) and the driver version are not the same thing.

  DieSse 16:49 04 Jun 2006

If you look at the "ReadMe" file for the 6.7 release, you will see the driver number at the top

  cowgirl66 19:37 04 Jun 2006

I have just downloaded and installed the driver update file titled "win2k_xpe67 Package 810/810E/815/815E/...Intel Corporation which now sits in My Documents from where I hope to save it to disc. I got this driver update from the Intel Site. So far I've had no problems, and having tweaked the Display settings have now got a much steadier picture on my screen.

I have checked in Device Manager, Display> Graphics Controller etc and the new driver installed is 6.13.1 3196

Thanks all for your help :-)

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