Intel D875PBZ RAID Configuration

  DwayneDibbley 20:08 16 Oct 2004

Having a few problems seeting up my new PC.

When setting configuring RAID in BIOS, I don't seem to have the same menu as described in the motherboard user manual(the as recieved BIOS version with the motherboard has acually been updated (P20) from that that the motherboard manual is based on (P09)).

Manual says to enable 'soft raid' in BIOS, then press 'ctrl I' as system reboots. (under Advanced/Drive Configuration)

My BIOS does not have this option, only to enable 'Intel RAID', which I have done.

I then do not get a prompt to enter the RAID configuration utility ('ctrl I' does not work), and subsequently if I try to install Windows the RAID drivers are not recognised when I put the floppy disk in - so I guess this is down to the fact that I have not created a RAID volume.

I have a feeling that the BIOS update I have maybe does not require all this stuff to be done, but still not sure whether or not to go for full Windows installation. Can I configure RAID after Windows has been installed?


Having trouble with support from intel, so would appreciate any words of wisdom.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:50 16 Oct 2004

click here

  DwayneDibbley 10:52 17 Oct 2004

Thanks Fruit Bat - if I only have one SATA hard drive, and am not planning on adding another, do I really need to set up a RAID array?

  DwayneDibbley 10:58 17 Oct 2004

Also, my main problem is actually getting in to configure the BIOS - as mentioned above, the only option I have is to 'Enable Intel RAID Technology' - even when I do this, I do not get a prompt to select 'ctrl I' and configure the RAID volume for the BIOS after POST has run - the PC simply goes to 'failed to boot'

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