Intel core duo processor laptop......any good?

  KWAKI 18:20 04 May 2006

Ok , i've been out of touch with computers for a while but now i want to buy a reasonably powerful laptop to replace my ageing desktop. I have been looking at Acer as the prices seem very fair for what you get but then i noticed they do a range of dual core laptops with a good spec.

My question is ,would a dual core Intel laptop running at 1.66GHz be better than an Intel Centrino, Pentium M 760 running at 2GHz ,as the site i was looking on (click here ) list two models with these processors at about the same price .(£660)

Also ,will a dual core run ok with Windows xp home?

Thanks for any help or info.

  andywatt 18:49 04 May 2006

I would say the dual core would be the fastest of the two but you wont get the full advantage of it until windows vista comes out.

What kind of programs are you thinking of running on it for example programs like AUTO CAD
are dual core aware so they use the full capacity of the processor while most programs don't

  KWAKI 19:35 04 May 2006

Thanks for the response ,i use a lot of re-encoding and extraction tools and would like to play a few games.

  andywatt 20:53 04 May 2006

In that case I would definatley go for the dual core.

PS. I admire your choice on going for an acer system as they are exellent!

  Jimmy14 21:00 04 May 2006

are very reputable and having bought a new laptop from them I am extremely pleased with it and would continue buying from them.
Intel Core Duo is a very good processor and in their Acers new 5622 series of laptops it is combined with good graphics,hdd and ram so I would definitely go for one of them.

  KWAKI 21:05 04 May 2006

I wander if you could answer another question about dual core processors while were on the subject.
Does this mean that there is efectively two 1.66GHz processors when refered to as a 1.66GHz Intel core duo and if so,when i was running just one program would both cores be working or will both cores only be working when two programs are running? If only one works then i will probably only be using 1.66GHz of processing power most of the time and this seems like a waste.

  ade.h 23:38 04 May 2006

It sounds like you may have some misapprehensions about dual-core functionality.

Having one program running does not cause the CPU to run one core only. They run together, concurrently, sharing the data throughput and executions much like a hard-disk RAID controller. Except that the throughtputs and loading are dynamic, of course.

click here and filter through the marketing twaddle to get the gen on dual-core functionality.

click here and check the benchmark figures in this grouptest. You will see how much is gained over current 600 (P4) and 700 (P M) series Pentiums. You do not need to wait for Vista to feel the benefit; we are not talking about 64bit here, after all.

  KWAKI 15:24 07 May 2006

Thanks for the links ,forgive me for being a bit dumb here but does this mean in certain circumstances that the processor would be running at twice the stated speed then? i.e. 1.66GHz could be running at over 3GHz.

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