Intel Core 2 Duo Q9550 2.83GHz & software Q.

  Audio~~Chip 22:54 21 Sep 2009

Is this true or possible, if I was to have a machine using this Quad Q9550 in XP Pro SP3, is there a possibilty that some programs may not run correctly ?

  OTT_Buzzard 00:26 22 Sep 2009

Ummm. Like what programmes?

The only reason I can think that would cause programme upsets is a motherboard lacking BIOS updates for processor support. If you have seen information implying anything else I'd be interested to hear.

  Audio~~Chip 00:30 22 Sep 2009

I will try and and find it but that was a few hours ago. Think its was Desktop publishing software like Adobe CS. Thanks for the call, I didn't think its true

  Audio~~Chip 00:37 22 Sep 2009

Browsing in the Reviews for a Quad core on Ebuyer someone with XP stated "Running this beast for quite a while now, noticed that some programs make use of all 4 cores while others do not and i have to manually change the cores in use"

Er, why is this required to manually change the cores and how is this done ?

OTT_Buzzard interested in your thoughts on the above.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:05 22 Sep 2009

Sorry for the late response, I had an 'early' night last night.

You can change the cores being used in task manager, but i've gotta tell you, unless you really are trying to eek every last MHz of performance out of the processor, there's rarely any point in doing it. To give it a go, open Task Manager, select the 'Processes' tab, right click on a process and select 'Set Affinity' then the processor cores you want that process to use.

The reason not all programmes use all 4 cores is because they are not written to do so. When programmes are written they are 'threaded' to a specified number of processing cores.
That is to say that the programme splits itself up to run on multiple cores simultaneously. If a programme has not been threaded to use 4 cores then it won't use them!

Because multi-core processors are a relatively new technology and applications need to be re-written to properly utilise the technology, there is an inevitable delay in the two meeting up. However, software from major vendors is now written for quad core (or dual core at the very least).

The upshot of this? Don't let comments on cores not being used put you off. For most home PC users quad core is the way forward.

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