Intel Centreno and modem router

  Madrat 20:51 28 Jun 2006


Will an Intel Centreno work with any wireless modem/router or are ther things I need to look for?

I was looking at a safcom on Ebuyer
click here

I have never tried wireless so am totaly in the dark.


  mgmcc 20:58 28 Jun 2006

Any modern computer with an ethernet adapter (wired) or Wireless Network Connection will connect to a Wireless Router. What is important is that you get the right type of router, depending on whether you have ADSL via the phone line or Cable (NTL/Telewest).

For ADSL you require a *combined* Router/ADSL Modem. Cable uses a "stand alone" router that connects to the supplied Cable Modem.

  ade.h 21:04 28 Jun 2006

I think that Ray5776 would warn you against a second-hand Safecom click here

It's not one of the brands that I ever set up for people, and it looks like they're not missing much.

By the way; it's Centrino with an i.

  ade.h 21:05 28 Jun 2006

Ignore the "second-hand" bit. The rest stands.

  Madrat 21:12 28 Jun 2006

Thanks for the help.

Acording to the Ebuyer review it seams a prety good bit of kit.

  ade.h 21:16 28 Jun 2006

Having recently read the manual for it (to try to help Ray5776) I think I'll stick with Linksys, 3Com, et al when choosing routers for folk.

  Madrat 21:20 28 Jun 2006

Well for the price I might give it a go £37 is not bad, Ebuyer have a very good returns pollicy.

Thanks for your help.

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