Intel Celeron 2.40GHz 400MHz/128kb L2 TEMP ?

  Giggle n' Bits 15:03 13 Mar 2005

Help again please I have the above processor now mounted and all on the BIOS is reporting (Asus P4R800-VM) the Celeron Temp is hovering aobut 67c erh thermal spec from Intel says 71c. My worry is, if it goes higher than 71 is there something wrong. What is the high temp for a celeron please

Think dan11 may know.

Again thanks in advance

  Gongoozler 17:48 13 Mar 2005

70C will not cause any immediate problems for a processor, but it will last longer if you can get the temperature nearer 60C. If the computer is very old, then it is quite possible that the processor fan blades are dusty, or the fins of the heatsink are getting blocked with dust. A careful cleaning of both may bring the temperature down. If the heatsink and fan are clean, then check that there is a clear path for cool air to and through the processor heatsink.

  dan11 18:01 13 Mar 2005

The max temp for a celeron 2.4 pin 478 is around the 85oC mark.

Have you just put it in the new Asus board? If you have, I think it is to hot. ( I would expect around 40oC for that cpu ). If you have just moved it to the new board. Did you clean the cpu, the HS+F and apply new paste before you booted up? Are you sure the cpu fan is spinning!!!!

  Diemmess 18:14 13 Mar 2005

By coincidence, I separated a fan from the heatsink on an old Duron 800 this afternoon.

The amount of dust and fluff that came out of the grooved heatsink with careful brushing and lots of puff............... Result a drop of nearly 10C. ...... Very satisfactory, I wish I had solved other niggles though!

  Giggle n' Bits 19:45 13 Mar 2005

into the new Asus P4R800-VM board, I cleaned the Heatink from ther old Arctic paste and the CPU core then re-applied a new layer. And when removing the Past from the actual HSF a foil sheet came of. Looks like the PC World person who origianlly built the PC had not removed the protective seal before fitting the CPU - HSF.

I have 67c reading above there seems to be a mixed range of temps. I know from building on AMD platforms I had around 50 - 54c but intel chips are cooler though this temp is higher. This is why I worry. Will leave the post open for a few hours to see if anyone else can let me know what temps there 2.4GHz Celeron 400FSB is running at.

  TomJerry 20:00 13 Mar 2005

My Intel temp experience

P4 3GHz, around 37, P4 2GHz, around 34

So, maybe whole cooling system needs to be replaced

It is not easy to fire an Intel CPU becuase it has self-protection and just shut down when temp is too high.

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