Intel 3.8 or AMD FX55 for a more "future proof" PC

  AnthonyB 05:22 09 Jan 2005


Sorry what seems to be like an obvious "Intel versus AMD" sort of thread, but it's not "really" like that actually. What I want to know, is does anyone have a rough idea which will be more the "future proof" of the two? (No such thing as future proof hence the quotation marks). I have been reading the review of the Evesham Decimator click here to see this model, which is
£1820 in the review, BUT **£1907** at Evesham's website (after deducting the monitor) strange - or have I missed something?

Anyway, I understand the Intel 3.8 is the last of its kind, as a 4 GHz won't be produced, only a faster "bus speed" or something (1066)and increased Cache. So, what of the AMD FX55? - Faster?, more "future proof"? (IE: will there be more chips based on the 939 socket). And will a FX55 be faster for games than the 3.8 Gig (no slouch has to be said).

I have been saving up all last year for a new PC, and I've got the money now to get myself a decent one indeed (£2000+ is about my budget)also, what of SLI? - aren't most new pc's now able to accommodate this technology? - Which requires PCI-express?

There is one more question (lots I know, sorry), and an age-old one: will a good 19" TFT be good enough for the latest games (looking for 16 or less MS) - or do "CRT's" still take the biscuit for hard-core gamers?

BTW, my main games are that of the driving kind (Grand prix 4, Need for speed, Colin Mc'rae etc) Do TFT's act differntly to games like this as opposed to Doom III/Halo/Haslf Life, MOHA etc etc?



  AndySD 07:49 09 Jan 2005

I will start things off as I understad them at present

AMD is moving its processors over to the 939 socket.

SLI requires 2 PCI-E sockets on the motherboard and at present its only available with N-Vidia graphics cards.

You may want to wait a few weeks as the AMD motherboards with pci express are now comming on the market.

Have a look click here as well for gaming PC's.

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