integrated webcam, sound and mic disappears

  purge11 10:19 12 Jan 2017


Wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions. As the title says, I have a computer that has an integrated webcam, but twice now the webcam simply disappears, it cannot be detect and then I get no sound either. I then asked a friend to remote in and have a look, but he could hear the sound perfectly, but could not detect the webcam.

I does not sound like a driver problem and we are wondering if it is a loose cable from the monitor to the computer. The webcam is integrated on the monitor. Anyone have any ideas?

We have a windows 10 Operating system.

As a side note, we got the webcam and audio back last time from a system restore, but we can't keep doing this all the time.


  difarn 14:53 12 Jan 2017

Did this start happening after an update?

Did you actually try uninstalling the driver in Device Manager, rebooting and allowing Windows 10 to find the driver or, alternatively, downloading and installing the driver from the manufacturer's site? Alternatively, if it has happened since the driver was updated have you tried rolling it back to an earlier driver?

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