Integrated Intel Extreme or Graphics card???

  Even more puzzled 21:42 12 Jul 2004

Hello all,
I am confused and can't seem to find an answer, you may be able to help?
I'm upgrading my desktop and am considering a Dell 2400 with an Intel Pentium 4, this says it has integerated intel extreme graphics. I have also asked a pc shop to build a pc to certain spec and he has suggested a graphics card.
I only intend to use the pc at most for editing pictures to upgrade a website and talking to my brother in Australia via webcam and audio.
Is the integrated intel OK, and will I be able to/need to upgrade this in future - or should I opt for a decent graphics card?

Many thanks

  citadel 21:51 12 Jul 2004

For the things you want do do with the computer the integrated graphics will be ok. A graphics card is better for playing games. The motherboard in the computer may have an agp slot to fit a card if you need one in the future.

  Totally-braindead 22:15 12 Jul 2004

As Citadel has said for what you've listed integrated graphics would be ok, but even though you only want it for this now you may want to do more in future therefore from my point of view its foolish to buy a PC which will not let you upgrade the graphics in future. If the Dell has an AGP slot for future expansion then great if not you're better looking for one that does have an AGP slot.

  Even more puzzled 22:50 12 Jul 2004

Cheers for the help

  byfordr 09:24 13 Jul 2004

The Dell 2400 has very limited potential to upgrade. Not many pci slots (and pci graphics is rubbish and expensive) also only 1 mounting for a hard drive (although space to monkey one in) would suggest a 4600 (a bit more upgradeability) or even better the 8400 if you want to stick with Dell.


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