Integrated Graphics

  londonknights 17:18 23 Mar 2004

Hello..... yes Im not very clever... please tell me..I want to buy a mid priced pC for games mainly.. whats "Integrated Graphics"?...
Thanks...... :)

  JerryJay 17:25 23 Mar 2004

"Integrated Graphics" (IG) is graphics chipset in on motherboard and do not need a graphics card for connecting to monitor. IG is fine for most applications and maybe ok for some games all depends on what actual IG chipset used in motherboard. But, if you are really into games, you better off to buy a dedicated graphical card. For mid range PC (how much?) go for a ATI 9600 class of graphics card which cost around 100 or less. Top range of graphics card could set you back over 300.

  clayton 17:27 23 Mar 2004

Integrated graphics are built into the motherboard,if you want a pc for playing games on then you dont really want integrated graphics, get a pc with something like a ATI 9800xt graphics card,how much do you have to spend on your pc ??

  londonknights 17:37 23 Mar 2004

Thanks for your help...... Appreciate it.....

  Totally-braindead 17:41 23 Mar 2004

To expand on this a bit, SOME computers with integrated graphics come with an AGP slot for expansion later on. In other words you can use the computer with the integrated graphics and when you find a game that just won't run you can disable the integrated graphics and pop in a AGP graphics card. Generally speaking any computer with integrated graphics will struggle to play any of the newest games so you are better off with a dedicated graphics card ie not integrated.

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