Integral USB Bluetooth adapter(dongle) - Class 2

  Belfix 16:17 09 Apr 2010

Hi..probably doing something wrong here?
Both xp and vista will recognise this bit of kit.
Both will allow pairing with Samsung Omnia, Nokia 6220 Classic and Samsung D900. Both will allow me to transfer file(s) to the phones. However, I don't seem to be able to go the other way ie phone to pc. I get what I believe to be erroneous driver search/cannot find drivers - if any particular are required they are not on the phone supplied cd's, they are not on Samsung, Nokia or Microsoft sites neither. I cannot (or I am unwilling) to go onto Integrals web site as there is a global warning in force "can damage your pc?".
Just what am I doing wrong here
Hope some help comes my way
best regards

  Belfix 16:19 09 Apr 2010

Forgot to say... the phones recognise the pc's

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