Intalling WinXP on new HDD and formatting problem

  Giggle n' Bits 21:02 22 Mar 2003

installing WinXP on a New HDD I was asked which partition I wanted to install XP on.

I only want 1 partition in FAT32 and was asked between the main size of the HDD or other which was option 2 being 8MB. Is this going to cause a dual boot for XP if I proceed ?

I am currently formatting main partiton near to the 40GB size in NTFS formatting as its the only file type I was given to format it in.

I have a feeling its got a doss partion on in. What can I do to get it to one parttion please.

  powerless 21:08 22 Mar 2003

Ignore the 8MB...

If you want the partition to be a FAT32 you will have to set the size of the partiton to 32GB.

This is the limit for FAT32.

If you set it to 32000MB it will give you option to format in FAT32.

You will not create a dual boot.

p.s. Start again and delete all paritons the 8MB should disappear but when you create a partition it will come back.

  cream. 21:15 22 Mar 2003

Another way to get X\P to run on fat32 is to format the drive first with a win 98 boot disk.

Load the floppy before you boot up. When you get to the a:\ promt type a:\ format c: and enter.

When the hard drive is done you can then boot the X\P installation from the cd. You will then be given a choice of either fat32 or ntfs file system.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:31 22 Mar 2003

Thank you also M8 who seems to always bail me out of the tish.

Now sorted and got the realy formatting to complete.

M8 any views on TV on a computer ref my other post.

Use a AGP card with built in TV Tuner or a seperate Haupage thing ?. Did/have you ever done this kind of thing ?.

closing this post private sensible mails welcome via my CheKeR folder.

M8 how are you at present ?.

  cream. 21:40 22 Mar 2003

Well I am away for the weekend and ended up at a freind of a freinds with the usuall " there's some thing wrong with my ?????"

Job done and can I check my e-mails. That was about an hour ago. lol

Sorry no spell check on this. Oh heck

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