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  oxparks 11:09 19 Jan 2010

Hi guys,

I need some advice on insurance. My one year warranty with Toshiba(it's a satellite pro U400) is about to run out. Dabs from whom I bought it are offering insurance at around £100 per annum. Is this a good policy/deal or is there better or shouldn't I bother?

I guess if I opt for insurance, I'd want something where they provide immediate replacement whilst repaired as well as new laptop if can't be repaired.

Many thanks

  OTT_B 11:26 19 Jan 2010

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Never used this company before so can't comment on the service. Note that this is an insurance policy, not an extended warranty.

  OTT_B 12:47 19 Jan 2010

You might want to look into this and get more information.

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  wee eddie 13:36 19 Jan 2010

The Insurance will replace it with a "similar" Lappy, or equivalent value, not likely to be a new one.

A bit like Car Insurance really, you only get the Second Hand Value.

  Terry Brown 14:22 19 Jan 2010

Is the insurance against loss of data or loss of laptop?

The only insurance worth having for loss of Data is regular backups to a DVD, CD or external hard drive,and that you can do for yourself.

If it is for loss or damage to the machine, an insurance company will only pay out in certain circumstances, and then only the value of the machine minus 'Wear and Tear'-e.g. How old is it, current value- Not new value, and used computers drop in price very quickly.

For breakdown costs, if the machine is repaired, i.e. new hard drive or replacement, you will have lost any information that you had stored on it.

I hope this gives food for thought.

  oxparks 01:54 21 Jan 2010

thanks very much guys especially for the quick response. Apologies for delay in responding. I will take up the points especially to see if the policy offered by is new for old or not. I was essentially looking to cover damage or sudden breakdown!

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