Madrat 00:20 22 Jan 2004

Can someone tell me why on start up I get the following error message.
"Isufficient memory to run this applicatio. Quit one or more windows applications and try again"

The fact that its on start up when ther are no applications running and that I have 512mb or DDR which has been testes in another mashine an is fine has compleatly stumpt me.

I just click on the ok box and it goes away and everything is fine until the nekt time I start the system up and there it is again Why?

Please help


  User-312386 02:07 22 Jan 2004

can we have your operating system please

If you are running XP go to start>all proggrammes>startup. If there is anything there then right click and delete it (its only a shortcut)

If theres nothing there go to start>run and type msconfig, click on the startup tab and see if theres anything running at startup that you know and uncheck the box and press apply

click here for the full start up list and there proggrammes

  Madrat 02:48 22 Jan 2004

Ok yes sorry XP

Nothing in start up so followed instructions and got somthing compleatly differant to what was on web page and no keys off y n u x ? now I have no idear whats going on at all.

  canard 14:05 22 Jan 2004

Has one of your startup files got itself into a loop? Try checking properties of IE files first [most likely culprit] for size. Alternatively or as well run scandisc for more info.

  Madrat 18:24 22 Jan 2004

HI Canard

Could I have that in english please

  canard 12:16 23 Jan 2004

Running out of memory can indicate that a file has looped itself ie that when the pc gets to the end of reading it goes back to the begining and so on ad infinitum. A looped file in the startup upsets the PC. I've only encountered this with Internet Explorer files. To check right click your IE files and select properties which will give you their size and see if any of them are astronomical/eternal. If so you need to do a good back up and consult PCA genuine pundits who may be able to help. If not none of this applies to you.

  Madrat 14:40 23 Jan 2004


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