insufficient memory

  Curio 21:53 13 Aug 2003

My son's 1.1 Gb computer refuses to let him defrag the C drive. It claims to have insufficient memory to carry out this task. All the measures he has taken have been fruitless and he is now thinking of a reformat and reinstall everything. I feel it could be software conflicts or maybe memory leakage and would like some help in this before we go down the reformat road. All offers gratefully accepted!!

  VoG II 22:01 13 Aug 2003

Try defragging in Safe Mode which will stop extraneous programs from loading. To do this reboot and keep tapping the F8 button just before the Windows screen loads.

  BillEmm 22:42 13 Aug 2003

If the hard drive is too full then it cannot be defragged or if it is some time since the last defrag then the disk may have become too fragmented that no defrag program can perform the task.

In both cases the only way forward is to move out as much data from the drive as possible, delete all unnecessary files: recycle bin, temp files etc. Uninstall all infrequently used programs - they can be re-installed later if necessary. Then retry the defrag in safe mode.
If this still does not work then its a continual process of uninstalling programs until you reach a stage when there is enough HDD space to perform the defrag.

Please be aware that it is not good practice to use more than about 65 percent of your System disk for programs and data. Also, defrag heavily used disks at least once a month.


  Curio 20:01 16 Aug 2003

System was W98, 40gb Hard Drive, not partitioned.
Unfortunately advice given was tried but unsuccessful. Afer a format and reinstall of Windows 98 we were advised by the system that insufficient memory was availabnle for defrag.
Consequently, the machine has gone back to the shop!!
you could say the matter is now resolved!

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