Insufficient Bandwidth Message watching iplayer

  ponytail 09:39 17 Apr 2018

My wife watches BBC iplayer on her laptop and just recently the programme she is watching keeps stopping saying insufficient bandwidth.This happened occasionally when I have been watching BBC iplayer on the TV but it seems to happen more on my wifes laptop.Does anyone know causes this and is there something I can do to stop it.Thanks

  wee eddie 10:23 17 Apr 2018

It means what it says. Check the contract you have with your ISP.

There is insufficient bandwidth for you to watch 2 TV Programs simultaneously. This sometimes happens at peak periods when your branch of the Internet is experiencing heavy usage.

Sometimes an ISP will slow your Download Speed to balance things out. The term for this is "Throttling"

  difarn 10:44 17 Apr 2018

If it is due to insuficient bandwidth then have you thought about downloading the programmes to watch them later off-line?

  ponytail 13:03 17 Apr 2018

I have just used to check my download speed on this laptop and took four readings which were. 34.87,30.42,34.96 and 32.99 and the average is 33.31 which is not bad for a wireless connection.Will try it wired later and put the readings on here.

  difarn 21:54 17 Apr 2018

Obviously not a bandwidth problem.

If it has been doing this recently there are quite a few problems being reported on

click here be this is happening in your area too?


  ponytail 09:06 18 Apr 2018

Have just checked my broadband speed with the laptop wired up and the readings were. 38.19,37.90,38.28 and 37.96 with a average of 38.07.I have been told there should be a download button to enable me to download the programs but seem unable to locate it where would it be located.Thanks

  wee eddie 11:34 18 Apr 2018

I don't know what time of day this happened but, if it was about mid-evening, you can relax. Your ISP was throttling your connection so that other individuals can also watch.

Two of you Streaming TV Shows at a "High Usage" time of day, when you have a relatively low download limit/speed, appears to be common these days

  ponytail 13:07 18 Apr 2018

This would have happened after 8.00pm when I checked the download speed on her laptop wirelessly the average sped was 24.22.And all we are doing is I am watching catchup on the TV and she is watching a program on BBC iplayer no otherequipment is being used.

  wee eddie 14:11 18 Apr 2018

Speed is not an issue when dealing with Bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the amount you can download at any given time, speed is how fast it arrives.

Also, when you checked the speed, you should have done so while both Computers were viewing the TV Shows. iPlayer or Live Streaming, it makes little difference.

  difarn 22:16 18 Apr 2018

You will need to install the BBCiPlayer downloads app.

click here you have done this you then go onto iPlayer, find the programme that you want to download and you will see 4 options towards the bottom right of the programme screen - the second option is download.

Personally I have never had the same problem that you are experiencing but maybe it depends upon what sort of contract you have with your ISP.


  ponytail 10:27 19 Apr 2018

We are with Plusnet and what would I look for in the contract

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