instructions needed for network switch

  [DELETED] 22:20 09 Nov 2003


i have just prchased at a computer fair a Zonet ZFS3008 8-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch. it came with no instructions or drivers (don't know if i need any drivers).

does anyone out there know where i can get info.

Google reports 425 results, all of which appear to be offering the product for sale. even Zonets web site is no help.

the description says plug and play so is it just that simple?

please help.

  [DELETED] 23:27 09 Nov 2003

Ive searched for any data ,Other than the Zonenet Site Type that into google it will give URL ..There are no drivers offered on the support page of the site nor at driverguide..So one would assume its just gets one from the O/S as it installs..However you could try emailing Zonenet if the hhave contact on site ..Must admit never thought to look..

  [DELETED] 08:21 10 Nov 2003

Thanks for that, i will try e-mailing if no-one on here knows, but i have found company e-mail systems to be worthless for problem solving in the past.

i presume it was you visited. i have already trawled thier site and found nothing. but i will keep looking.

thanks again mate

  [DELETED] 10:56 10 Nov 2003

i use them

literally just attach each pc to one of the 8 pc rj45 ports on the back of the switch with a normal network cable (not cross over)and it should work. No drivers are needed as a network switch is "invisible"to the computers.


  [DELETED] 16:10 10 Nov 2003


thanks, i will give it a try later.



  [DELETED] 23:35 13 Nov 2003

to access your switch to configure it type in internet explorer

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